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Doctor Who’s End Game – Prologue – The Wolf and the Rani 1/8

Title: Doctor Who’s End Game – Prologue – The Wolf and the Rani 1/8
Characters: Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones, The Doctor (10), OFC, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Benton
Parings: Jack/Ianto
Disclaimer: Neither Torchwood or Doctor Who are mine
Summary: The Rani wants revenge
Spoilers: None
Rating: PG-13
A/N: This is a sequel to Doctor Who’s Nightmares

Looking around he realised that something was out of place. Something wasn’t quite right. It was something that wasn’t one with the surroundings. It just shouldn’t have been there and he could sense it. He knew that there should be no uniformity, no straight lines, and no flat surfaces. Everything has its own shape, which is different from everything else. The human body has a particular shape and if you are trained properly you can recognise it in the dark… and he did. He knew he was being followed, tracked, and hunted.

The one thing that he’d been taught in the army that he never forgot was that when the opposition were tracking you fast, then you had to move to one side and away slowly and stealthily. If you kept running in a straight line, they’d keep following until eventually they caught up with you.

Quickly, he went to ground, covering himself in foliage to hide his position. For a time he lay still waiting, watching. After an hour had passed he thought that he was alone. He had lost his pursuers. Slowly he began to move, then it hit him… his pursuers were better at waiting than he was.

He knew that the figure he now saw had been watching him for some time and, until now, he hadn’t even seen it, he’d only felt it. Before he could run, a shadowy figure came into view out of the mist and he was momentarily mesmerised by the sensual, rhythmic walk of the woman.

She was graceful and muscular, moving with an inner stillness borne out of self-confidence. Her auburn waist length hair swayed as she walked, strong and muscled, like a jungle cat. As she approached he could tell that her face was flawless. Her dark eyes stared, seeming to flash both intelligence and sadness at the same time. She, he knew in an instant, was a predator. Drawing out his knife, he braced himself for the impact that he knew was coming.

Her eyes began to blaze as the wolf rose up and radiated from inside her darkness, from deep within her soul. She felt weightless and powerful as she flew at her prey, her long hair streaming behind her. The wolf took full control of her body and mind, guiding her into attack.

As he wrestled with her he concentrated all his energy, avoiding the savage talons that protruded from her finger tips. Her arms shook with all the muscular resistance she could summon but it was not enough. The man had more brute strength at his disposal than she could summon and forced the blade inch by inch back towards her. His free hand kept her down with all his strength, the muscles in his arm straining, trembling, stopping her from moving.

Holding onto his knife hand she began hammering her free hand into his side, claws first. He knew that he couldn’t take much more, he was fading fast. He could no longer summon up strength to fight her off. The pain from the stab wounds were taking its toll, depleting his power further. His hands trembled as he summoned one last surge of energy. His entire body was now an instrument of anger and revenge, but was it not enough.

She roared out her protest, her face contorted in anger and rage as she forced his arm back. The blood from his shoulder ran down her hand causing it to momentarily slip from his wrist. Free of her hold, he plunged the knife down into her exposed throat. Her eyes opened in terror and her lips spread into a contorted, silent scream as the tip of the blade bit into her skin then, to her surprise, stopped.

Spittle fell from her mouth as she went limp against the floor then began to thrash wildly. Her mouth opened again and again like a fish out of water gasping for air. In a silent scream, paralysis spread throughout her body. All respiration stopped and only a few major muscle groups twitched spasmodically.

Standing he looked down at the woman he had just subdued but couldn’t smile. Like her he was a prisoner fighting for his life. Then he saw them… then he saw her, and he ran. Running to his right, he knew that the edge of the cliff was there somewhere, hidden by trees and grass it would loom out of the darkness at any time, he knew. If he could make it that far perhaps he could follow the edge until he found a way out… a way down to the town below.

His face was crimson, contorted in pain and rage, spittle flying from his purple lips as he began frantically to look round. The twin explosions seemed to come out of nowhere. The first burst of electronic energy slamming into the side of his head and the second thumped into his chest, just above the heart. His legs gave way and he lost his balance. Falling backward he plummeted over the cliff, his scream was shrill, almost inhuman. The two Ogrons started down after him, watching him wriggling in space as he fell. His screams and fall came to an abrupt gurgling stop as he landed with a sickening thud on the grass covered tarmac, far below.

‘Bring them both back to the ship. I want them prepped and ready to go out again in five hours. This time I think I’ve got it. I just need to cross the DNA of both subjects and I’ll have a working formula.’

Turning, the Rani winced in pain as she watched an Ogron pick up the body of the woman and throw her over its shoulder. Rubbing her right hand over her recently cracked ribs she shuddered as she remembered how they had been broken. She’d had the Doctor just where she wanted him and that bitch had spoiled everything.

The Rani’s face was filled with yellowing bruises where Louise Ruth’s punches had landed. The Rani had been lucky to reach her TARDIS, the state she'd been in. The pain killers and healing formula she’d taken hadn’t helped as much as she’d hoped. Now the Doctor was probably dead and his regenerations lost…

‘What a waste,’ she mused as she watched the other two Ogrons trying to retrieve their quarry. They’d be hours; he’d fallen all the way to Famagusta. She laughed, and then held onto her side as the pain ran through her body. ‘If it’s the last thing I do I’ll kill you Louise Ruth, just like your precious Doctor,’ the Rani shouted out to the night.

Death of a Friend 2/8

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